Plan a trip based on where you want to make out with models

Channeling the pre-Internet days of (gasp!) travel agents who booked curated vacation packages, ZapTravel's an online semantic deal site that lets you tell it what you want to do/where you want to go in order to "provide inspirational trips based on the (esoteric) experiences you want to have"

After adjusting your home port and tweaking the default settings (5-star yurts only please), type in the kind of adventure you'd like to go on... it can be anything from "I'd like to make out with models in Spain" to "I'd like to make out with models in Norway" to even non-make-out-related trips (yawn).

Assuming you have absolutely no idea where you'd want to go and/or you freeze up under pressure, ZT's also curated ready-to-go getaways/deals all over the globe that you can peruse based on Theme (party hotspots, watersports, golf), Event (concerts, tomato fights, etc.)..

...or Geography. All of which are called "folios", probably because they're British.

So let's say you're thinking about Greece for your next vacation... take a look at the dates and hotel they've chosen, and if you're not down with either, you can always mix it up. Although, be forewarned: in an effort you make you more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants (and cut you the best deal), trip lengths are based on how far you're traveling and aren't really adjustable. But wait, what's there to do in Greece besides protesting proposed austerity measures?!?! Tons, apparently, as is evidenced by the seemingly endless list of activities you can scroll through while planning your trip

Having second thoughts about Greece? Agree with their proposed austerity measures? Maybe Spain is more your speed... just save it to your "Wishlist" and keep poking around. Otherwise, there's only one thing left to do: book it.