Kate Upton's rack defied gravity, and now you can too

Published On 03/26/2014 Published On 03/26/2014

Unless the dude in 3C swiped this year's SI Swimsuit Issue out of your mailbox, you probably caught a glimpse of a scantily clad Kate Upton being launched into “space” on a Zero-G parabolic training aircraft. Yea, the simulated gravity-free environment really accentuated her… swimsuit, of course. 

And, as you no doubt came away from "reading the article" wondering how you, too, could experience weightlessness without actually joining NASA, here's the lowdown on the company/plane where they staged the shoot.


Zero-G is the first (and only) FAA-approved provider of commercial weightless airline flights and, for $4,950, will take you aboard the G-Force One for a zero-gravity jaunt. Celebs like *N Sync's Joey Fatone, Martha Stewart, and Ozzie Osbourne can attest that it's an out of this world experience -- although we're not sure Ozzie Osbourne should be attesting to anything.


How does this witchcraft work, you ask? Easy. Flights perform 12 to 15 parabolas (or nosedives from 34,000ft, if you aren't versed in science) that replicate zero gravity, Lunar gravity (one sixth of your weight), and Martian gravity (one third of your weight). And while the gravity might be replicated (for 20-30 seconds at a time), the weightlessness is all real.


Dubbed "vomit comets", these planes have been used by NASA since Project Mercury in 1959.


And your reward for reading to the end (or at least scrolling to the bottom): a gratuitous shot of Kate totally owning Zero-G.

Zero-G has upcoming flights in Miami, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Philadelphia, and regular locations in Cape Canaveral, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, and San Jose. Book your flight on a vomit comet, right here.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's associate travel editor and was sorely disappointed to discover that Zero-G doesn't happen in a high tech room at the push of a button. C'mon humankind! Follow her Full-G life @Sohostyle



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