Get high on the hog above the High Line

With some of the most fulfilling views of the city, a smorgasbord of activities, and a prime Meatpacking position, The Standard is a prime destination for anyone looking to juice as much New York from their trip as possible. But while you're looking out at the view, the only thing you won't be seeing is the building itself, 18 stories of primarily transparent glass windows that constantly feature people having hotel sex

Rooms are avail in a handful of sizes, from the Standard Queen to the Empire Suite, whose 875 sq/ft of roaming space is outfitted with a walk in shower spa.

Down below lies the outdoor Biergarten, where steins of German brew and freshly-twisted pretzels draw in packed crowds on comfortable nights. There're also some ping pong tables where you can try this crazy new game where people throw balls into cups, then drink them

If you're suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to get a cocktail, turn off watching Sex and the City and check out the white oak barroom of the Standard Grill, where you can also throw down some charcuterie

Head up to the roof and check out Le Bain, with its views of the Hudson River and the Manhattan cityscape. The ground is covered in faux grass, which is apparently not funny to roll up in a faux cigarette and faux smoke.

At night, The Top of the Standard turns into one of the most exclusive clubs in town, with only regular table holders and celebs allowed to do drugs in its awesome see-through bathrooms, but during the day it's open to the public, so, you know, just show up early and wait for it to get all awesome and stuff

If you happen to be visiting when it's chilly out, they have an ice skating rink for you and a ladyfriend (or dudebuddy) to romantically skate around on whilst holding hands and laughing as you both tumble repeatedly, yet miraculously don't severely injure yourself

photos: TheStandard