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The most expensive hotel room in America

Take a long, covetous look at the Ty Warner Penthouse (that's the Beanie Baby guy), because the price of admission is $40k per night. Sitting at the apex of New York's sumptuous Four Seasons, the room's key focus is on the awesome amenities you'll receive, including a 24-hour personal butler, a Rolls-Royce with a chauffeur, and a personal trainer to remind you how badly you do seven push-ups.

four seasons
Stocked with a remarkable amount of books you'll be too busy to read (since you just shelled out $40k for a penthouse), the library also offers up abundant seating and a table made out of golden alligators.
four seasons
Stroll over to the window to marvel at the stunning views of New York City. Since it's the highest suite in the city (800ft above street level), rest assured no one will hear you practice "Chopsticks" on the grand piano. And even if they do hear you, who cares -- you're mad rich.
four seasons
The dining room's the quintessential place to savor your Hungry-Man Sports Grill Beer-Battered Chicken, and be sure to place forks on the left and work your way through the silverware towards the center, lest your dinner guests find you uncultured and leave before the big piano performance.
four seasons
After all that gourmet eating and entertaining, this is where you'll sleep. Although it looks like a room where an eccentric '90s millionaire would smoke a cigar and contemplate the internet, it comes standard with 22-carat gold threaded bed sheets and a Hastens Vividus mattress that was hand-crafted in Sweden.
four seasons
The master bath is also just ok; enjoy a Central Park-facing chromotherapy soaking tub, sinks carved out of rock crystal, and a very large window to gaze out of and think, "Beanie Babies... who woulda thunk it?!"

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