Affordable accommodations in the West Village

No longer resembling a flophouse for transients and seedy passersby, The Jane offers something no New Yorker ever thought possible: thoughtful accommodations at a reasonable price. You'll be greeted by an affable concierge who kindly writes the weather forecast on a chalk board for what appears to be September 37th. The six-story brick building is predominantly filled with Cabin Rooms, named for the seamen who use stay there, and set up like (surprise) a ship cabin, with only a single bed (storage above and below), a TV, and some counter space at the foot of your mattress.If you have so much money that you can afford to buy three Fossil watches, upgrade to one of their Captain's Cabin: your choice of bed size, either a terrace or an unobstructed view of the river, and your own private bathroom. Poo with freedom!But why would you spend time in your room when their bar (The Jane Ballroom) looks like something out of Barton Fink?The bar pours specialty combos like the cucumber vodka/lemoncello Shofar, so named despite it's lack of Jewishness, at least shofar as anyone can tellCheck out the mezzanine, replete with plush banquette chairs where you can relax and check out the throngs below, before realizing you're sitting by yourself on the mezzanine, and should probably go back TheJane