You can now use your phone to summon a helicopter to the Hamptons

The Jitney's a pain, your schedule doesn't allow you to plan for StndAIR, and the Hampton's Cannonball has way too much Penn Station involved.

Here to free you from schedules, traffic, and helicopter-less-ness is the on-demand Uber Chopper. Just pull up the Uber app on your phone, slide it all the way past the SUV you never get because you're just one dude and you don't need an SUV, and over to the helicopter icon.

For a cool $3k, you get one of those SUVs to snag you and up to four friends, take you to the whirlybird (make sure to tell the driver, "Get to the choppa", Arnold-style), and zoom you to East Hampton in just 45mins, where another SUV will be waiting to get you to your final destination, which will obviously be watching Final Destination all weekend and never going to the beach.