Hit the woods of Jersey to prepare for the next undead apocalypse

When surrounded by the soulless, mindless horde, do you: a) cower and accept your fate, b) fight your way through the masses, or c) simply turn around and leave the Twilight ticket line. Answering that question, and more, the fellas at Zombie Survival Course.

An action-packed weekend headed up by NRA instructors, survival gurus, and martial arts experts, ZSC lets you and your friends hole up in an old hunting camp, bunk-style, and trains you for the almost-certain undead uprising, and other, foreseeable doomsday scenarios like nuclear winter, or a peak, oil-panicked global economic meltdown -- pffft, like that'll ever happen. Here's a rundown of what you can expect

Firearms Training: The licensed gun-toters will get you acclimated to all sorts of weaponry (from .22 pistols to mil-spec rifles), teach you safety, and, most importantly, instruct you on aiming for the braaaain

Zombitsu: They've spent years in martial arts training, coming up with a hybrid system they call Zombitsu, meant for close-quarter fighting with your bare hands or melee weapons, meaning Daniel-San's spinny drum thingy is considered as useful as his craaaane

Medical Treatment: Picking up where the Red Cross leaves off ("likely for liability reasons"), they'll get you prepped on what medical gear is useful in a crisis, while teaching you how to treat everything from stitching a gaping wound to wrapping a minor spraaaain

Transportation Procurement: So they have this guy… who knows about cars… and he might be able to show you how to start one, even if you don't have the keys, because in a zombie-pocalypse, it's not like you can take the traaaain

They'll also get you equipped with rummaging/field dressing skills for food procurement and leadership-building, so you know who to keep in your crew, and who to leave behind for the undead, like that expressionless pale chick who actually seems to be infatuated with the pre-deceased.