Wait, this corn maze is real?

Remember that movie Signs, where crop circles start popping up everywhere, and Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix are brothers (hahaha), and then aliens invade, but then everyone finds out like 20mins later that you can kill them with water? Well Jerseywood is like that, except minus Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix and aliens (phew), and plus way, way cooler crop circles

An homage to NJ's own Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra, and Joe Pesci, Jerseywood's an epic, 10-acre corn maze that lets you walk through the Rushmore-esque mugs of all four dudes, or even sprint, if you were Born to Run. Twelve bucks gets you all-day access to two maze entrances, the first of which is pretty easy and the second of which'll take you 90-ish minutes, with helpful hints on which turns to take provided if you can 1) answer a series of text message trivia, and 2) figure out how to text message on your hot pink Razr

And if that doesn't get you excited (it does, but keep reading anyway), the maze-owning farm'll also have pig races, plus let you play with a pumpkin blaster and a corn cannon -- or at least, until M. Nightfall.