A decaying labyrinth, pitch black solitude, and cocktails at Eastern State Pen

If you're looking for a great horror show in Philly, but you're nowhere near a North Philly SEPTA stop, hit up Eastern State Penitentiary's revamped Terror Behind The Walls anytime between now and Nov 10th for a late-night, pants-crapping paranormal tour of cells and cellars filled with enough actual ghosts to fill every show on the Travel Channel, plus 200 mad scientists, undead wardens & zombified nurses, and three all-new, this-Halloween-only experiences, including

The Labyrinth: This indoor-to-outdoor scare maze (dubbed Detritus) will take you through a never-before-run-screamingly-through 1800s cellbock, past the prison greenhouse, and into a real-life labyrinth of twisted, decaying overgrowth filled with a bunch of scarier-than-David-Bowie's-wizard-crotch jumper-outters

The VIP: It comes with an extra-access, hour-long flashlight tour of Death Row and Bad Boy the underground punishment cells, plus you can experience all seven TBTW spook shows solo, before a gourmet three-course dinner

The Party: Like good movies from M. Night Shyamalan, this only happens once: a gratis beer, wine, 'tails, and eats-fueled dress-up dance party that'll easily be one of your all-time-great Halloween (Ghost) Adventures.