The easiest way to plan a trip with your buddies. Now go find some buddies.

Published On 07/12/2011 Published On 07/12/2011

It can be a huge hassle to plan a trip with friends, from having to sync up everyone's schedules, to deciding on a place, to Joey saying you can take his Porsche, which actually turns out to just be a bunch of boxes under a Porsche car cover. Making sure that never happens again, even though that Joey is a clever one: TripHuddle.

Designed to make it easier than ever to plan trips with the dear, dear pals you'll immediately regret planning trips with, Huddle's the digital offspring of six guys who went to school together, moved apart (one to Philly), and found it was damn near impossible to coordinate a vacation. Log in with your Facebook deets before entering the trip-planning stage, where you'll act as the Organizer to provide tentative dates, locations, and descriptions of what you've got cooked up, before crafting a more fleshed-out itinerary and whether you plan to travel by plane, train, or automobile, presumably due to the difficulties in traveling via Uncle Buck. Once that's all set, send invites to any friends you think might be down, and once they accept, everyone can haggle over everything from timing to destination, to exactly which Bennigan's you want to hit in Gary, Indiana through bulletin board-style posts or private messaging; you can either set it so only you, as the Organizer, can tweak, or allow anyone on the invite list to make changes, even though that's a task probably best left to David Bowie.

To make things nice and convenient, Huddle's partnered up with Expedia for booking flights, hotels, and cars, or as Joey calls them, "don't worry about those, what you should really be interested in is my tight-fitting Formula One-issue Porsche racing jacket".