Like a French chalet, but not so French

Girlfriends: they like 1) to be wined and dined, 2) quaint crap, and 3) One Tree Hill. Now you can give them at least the first two with a trip to Red Ridge Farms' Stoneycrest Cottage, a huge, two-bedroomer with a fully furnished kitchen, massive living room (with DirecTV! For sports when she's out walking, or whatever girls do!), and sprawling wraparound porch overlooking the property's farm and vineyards, all located just an hour from PDX

If you're looking for something smaller, you can pull a reverse-Banksy and enter through the farm's gift shop to access the Guest Suite upstairs, a luxury apartment-style, fully furnished loft with a panoramic view of the property's Durant Vineyards, which you'll get to tour to enjoy Kevin's the wineries' award-winning Heron, La Casita & La Paloma pinot noirs, plus taste a variety of the farm's fresh olive oil

The Red Ridge folks'll also set you up with tours of nearby White Rose, Domaine Drouhin, and De Ponte vineyards, plus score you reservations at nearby Paulee, a lauded farm-to-table restaurant where you feast on an ever-changing menu of farm-fresh meats and local seafood while sampling 60+ wines and over a dozen craft beers, because aside from one OTH episode with that wacky "Psycho Keith", those are what boyfriends like.