The Best Apple Picking Trips You Can Take Near Portland

A little taste of normalcy.

The Pacific Northwest tends to be known more for its wine grapes than its other fall crops. But the climate is perfect for a multitude of apple varieties, from classics like Honeycrisp and Red Delicious to lesser-known styles like Gravenstein, Pinova, and Melrose. Whether you’re making some homemade pies or cider, or just want to go pick some apples with friends and family, the area around Portland offers numerous opportunities. Each has adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic as best as possible, so visit the individual websites for their policies and guidelines, and remember to bring your mask.

Picked too many apples to know what to do with them? Local cider maker Portland Cider Co. makes a community cider with donated produce as a fundraiser for Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon.

Sauvie Island
Distance from Portland: 20 minutes
Located on Sauvie Island, Douglas Farm is a fifth generation family-run farm specializing in a large variety of you-pick produce. The fall harvest starts with Gravenstein apples, before moving into the cooler temperatures and wider varieties of apples, pears, and vegetables. 
Price: $1 to $1.25 per pound, subject to change

Oregon Heritage Farms
Oregon Heritage Farms

Distance from Portland: 25 minutes
Right at the edge of Willamette Valley wine country, this multi-generational family farm grows apples and makes pies, cider, and donuts. Rather than you-pick, the farm sells buckets of freshly picked apples with an online store for ordering. You can find their other sweet products to order on the site as well.
Price: $1.35 per pound for Gravenstein

Distance from Portland: 30 minutes
A family-owned orchard in Beaverton, Bells Orchard starts its yearly apple-picking in late August. The orchard specializes in both honeycrisp and Gravenstein apples, though it also grows other varieties as well as pears and peaches. The farm boasts “short orchards,” with trees low enough to the ground that kids can help pick them. 
Price: $2 per pound

Distance from Portland: 30 minutes
With over 70 different apple varieties offered throughout the season, Sherwood Orchards invites people to call or email in to ask about their favorite kinds. For safety reasons, Sherwood offers scheduled appointments for apple picking, available at its website. 
Price: $1 per pound for you-pick, $1.25 per pound for pre-picked apples

Distance from Portland: 30 minutes
An orchard with a variety of different fruit trees, Bay Family Farms has low hanging fruit that is able to be plucked from ground level without worrying about ladders. The farm updates its website and voicemail regularly to keep visitors up to date on what’s available, including its summer peaches and autumn apples and pears. 
Price: Prices vary

Distance from Portland: 45 minutes
A family-owned farm that has been operating for nearly 70 years, Beilke sports a 10-acre you-pick orchard, with 15 varieties of apples in organized rows. The trees are kept low so that kids can join in the apple-picking, and the crew members offer rides in mobile carts. 
Prices: $14 per bucket, which are 25 to 30 pounds

Distance from Portland: 1 hour
Truth North has been growing produce since the early 1970s, including plums, pears, apples, and other fruits throughout the year. Its website lists which kinds of fruits are currently ready to be plucked and what the growing times are for other apple varieties, including Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Pinova, and Jonagold. 
Price: $1 per pound

Draper Girls Country Farm
Draper Girls Country Farm

Distance from Portland: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Located just south of Hood River deep in orchard company, Draper Girls Country Farm has you-pick apple orchards as well as tons of other fruits. Visitors can also feed the farm animals, take in the view of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, and enjoy the cider made onsite as well as the cinnamon-sugar dried apples. 
Price: Prices vary regularly, and are posted at the farm 

Distance from Portland: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Mt View Orchards certainly lives up to its name, with a stunning view of Mt. Hood from the base of the mountain. The 50-acre apple and pear orchard includes a wedding venue, winery, cidery, and brewery, as well as animals, hay rides, and pumpkin patches. The you-pick apple season includes over 100 varieties of apples to take home.
Price: Apples vary on kind, usually $1 per pound

Mt. Hood
Distance from Portland: 1 hour, 30 minutes
One of the most popular spots for apple picking outside of Portland, despite its relative distance from the city, Kiyokawa Family Orchards is owned by a third-generation orchardist whose grandfather immigrated from Japan in 1911. The farm has been in the family since 1951, and the availability of its dozens of different apple varieties are updated regularly at the website. 
Price: Prices vary based on container sizes and products. 

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Alexander Frane is a contributor for Thrillist.