Public transportation just got personal

Parking would be a lot more fun if it was always like that time at Golden Gardens after Sara Webley asked you to Tolo junior year, or if it didn't always cost, like, four dollars an hour downtown. Thankfully, car-share service car2go is here to help with the latter by giving you access to a fleet of blue & white Smart cars that you can pick up/drop off almost anywhere in the city, all without ever having to pay for parking.Give 'em a one-time payment of $35 and they'll send you a kit that won't be nearly as sweet as Knight Rider's since it just contains membership materials, but will give you access to rides that're almost as sweet as a talking Trans Am.Use their website/app to locate the nearest of c2g's 330 rides, one of which is sure to be in your 'hood, unless you live out in Lake City, in which case you need more help than this service can provide.Once you find a car, just make sure the green "available" light's on, and that no one's in there with Sara Webley, then swipe your card over the windshield, enter your PIN, and hit the road for just $0.38/minute.When you're done, you can just leave the whip on the street anywhere between Northgate and SODO, which makes using car2go much easier than the average S.L.U.T.The best thing about the service: you never have to pay for gas. Repeat: YOU NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR GAS. Plus girls will be so impressed by your responsible automobile use that they'll want to make out every time you PARK FOR FREE anywhere in the city.