Thrillist's Travel Essentials

Thrillist's Travel Essentials
Thrillist's Travel Essentials


They say it's the journey, not the destination. But no doubt that journey's going to feature long lines, cancelled flights, and inclement weather. So to ensure you arrive comfy, fully-charged, and looking your best, Thrillist Shops has curated a collection of essentials that will make sure your life on the road isn't rough around the edges.

Wherever you travel, monarchies be damned, comfort is the actual king. Ditch your Russell Athletic sweatpants and Nike slip-on sandals, opting instead for a modern yet comfy ensemble that confidently tells folks you are in your "modern yet comfy ensemble".

Shop the Look: 1. Ami Fitted French Terry Jogger 2. Y-3 Honja Classic 3. Short Sleeve V-Neck

At 35,000ft, it's key to have your electronics in check (badump bump). Whether for business or pleasure, these hand-held gadgets will come in super-handy when you find yourself in either the departure or arrival zone.

When away from your man cave, don't revert into a caveman [sidebar: all hotel soaps smell the same]. Wash away the malodorous scent of conformity and pamper yourself... like a real man.

Get the Goods: 1. Wild Man Shaving Kit 2. John Allan's 1 oz. Travel Pack 3. Slim Black Manicure Set

Gadgets? Check. Comfort? Check. Luggage? Mega-check. If you're going to carry a leather journal, you need to at least look interesting. With that achieved, whip out said leather journal and jot down how awesome your new accessories make you look.

Get the Goods: 1. Griffin Anderson Journal Cover 2. Antique Cruz Leather Messenger 3. RGA Toiletry Kit

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