DC Chefs and Restaurateurs Share What the Nats World Series Win Means to Them

Published On 10/30/2019 Published On 10/30/2019
This season Chef Mike Friedman was invited to Nationals Park, where he body-checked Teddy, one of the Nationals’ racing presidents, in a promotional stunt captured on video. | Courtesy of Mike Friedman, Chef and Owner of All-Purpose Pizzeria in Navy Yard
First baseman, Ryan Zimmerman, is part-owner of The Salt Line, pictured here with Carman (left) and his son, Vince (center). | Courtesy of Jeremy Carman
Marchelle Afram pictured with dishes at Bluejacket. | Courtesy of Marcelle Afram
Tony Tomelden (left) and The Pug’s bartender Russell de Leon (right) at the World Series. | Courtesy of Tony Tomelden
Courtesy of Mariam “Raz” Razavi
Sahil Rahman (left) and Rahul Vinod with the racing presidents. | Courtesy of Sahil Rahman and Rahul Vinod
Leah Daniels owns Hill's Kitchen on Capitol Hill. | Courtesy of Leah Daniels