Betty White’s Life and Work Take Center Stage at This New DC Art Exhibit

Honor the comedy legend at this exhibit through the end of the month.

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Image by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist
Image by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist

In honor of the late comedic legend, Betty White, DC’s Zenith Gallery is hosting “Betty White Unites!,” a new exhibit that celebrates the life and legacy of the beloved actress.

In just two weeks since her death, the gallery’s director Margery Goldberg was able to plan and commission works from nearly 20 artists across various mediums, all with a common theme: Betty White. The pieces that will be featured in the exhibit span jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and mosaics, and Goldberg adds that they will all be on sale at the gallery, and many are relatively accessible for interested collectors.

“I’ve never come across anyone who does not like Betty White,” says Goldberg. And given the unique capability of art and artists to bring people together and remind us of our common humanity, she says an art show honoring the icon only seemed fitting. “This country desperately needs something to unite us; we are so divided. I wanted to start the year uniting our country.”

Goldberg says she remembers The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls star for being “raunchy, deliberate, and [knowing] what she wanted from a very young age” and that same drive to stand out is what inspired her to open her gallery in the first place well over four decades ago.

“I originally started the gallery because there were no galleries in DC showing sculpture,” explains Goldberg. “I like [to showcase] the unusual artists that develop their own techniques, or do it better than anyone else.”

So Zenith Gallery has always been known for its untraditional exhibits, from neon- and video-focused pieces to wearable art, the works that have called the gallery home always push the envelope.

The opening receptions for “Betty White Unites!” will be held on Friday, January 14 and Saturday, January 15 at the Iris Street location of Zenith Gallery. The exhibit will remain on display until January 29. Tickets to the gallery are free, but space can be reserved ahead of time online.

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