Ex-pros school you inside-out

There are lots of ways for former athletes to stay involved with sports, like broadcasting, coaching, or even viciously assaulting other fathers at Pop Warner games. Staying involved by helping you stay involved, the guys behind Prospects Sports Training.

Opening in a nondescript suburban warehouse, PST's 24,000sqft of good, clean, indoor fun: a multi-sport training/playing facility guided by two ex-minor-leaguers (Braves and Nats) who decided to hang up their gloves and start improving others' prospects, even though everyone knows the only foolproof regimen is receiving a freakish, Rowengartner-style elbow injury. The core offering's a full-on baseball/softball practice field, where the former farmhands will work individuals or teams through the drills (flexibility...explosivity) and skills (throwing and batting mechanics) necessary to dominate the Hill leagues like no one since Jim "The Ringer" Bunning. Designed with input from a Virginian power-lifting champ, they've also got a beastly workout station for small-group or one-on-one training in sports-specific exercises (from giant-rope wielding for home-run-hitting forearms, to pulling sleds for football/rugby-ready legs) and strongest-man action like "medieval" squat racks and monster-truck tire flipping, helping build Mariusz Pudzianowski from your merry pudge-anowski.

Beyond going yard and lifting hard, they've also got a pro-grade, Sports Turf soccer field, and'll be fielding team/individual sign-ups for an April-starting indoor league -- just remember your own Pop Warner days are behind you, so be sure to keep those muscles Kenny, Moose, and Loose.