You do <em>not</em> talk about secret Indian food club

Most secret clubs come with a catch: sure you get access to a centuries-old lap of power, but there'll probably be some male nudity, and anyway, how effective can that power be when it's also shared with Paul Walker and Pacey? For a secret club that just wants to cook you some dank food, check out Hush.

Adjourned in a spacious U Street townhouse filled with plush, green velvet chairs and art deco trimmings, Hush is a limited-seating, BYOB private supper club serving esoteric Indian cuisine from a woman looking to both honor her mother's culinary heritage and personalize the dining-out experience (Mr. Fuddrucker so rarely invites diners into his home). The rotating Gujarati dishes loosely follow vegetarian edicts outlined by Jainism (a millenniums-old Indian religion), with possibilities including cilantro chutney sandwiches, creamy corn w/ raisins and coconut, Kabuli chickpeas in tomato/onion sauce, and desserts like saffron/pistachio ice cream and sugary dough/cardamom seed "Gulab Jamun", a favorite of the hostess, who hopes you like jamun too. The experience extends beyond stuffing: as 1 of 16 guests, you'll hear stories about/inspired by the dishes you're eating, be encouraged to share your own gastronomic tales, and potentially participate in an "impromptu after-dinner dance-a-thon" -- inspiring the future gastronomic tale "So one minute I'm eating Kabuli chickpeas, and all of a sudden these people start dancing...".

The current plan is to do four dinners a month, including theme-nights like "music" and "singles" -- just remember to Pacey yourself, and don't come on 2 Fast, 2 Furious.