Jon Wye

Inventors spend lifetimes isolated in their labs, endlessly tinkering in the hopes of discovering the next miracle drug, or re-animating the people who died from the last miracle drug. Discovering the secret to holding your pants up: Jon Wye.DC-based designer Jon Wye makes distinctive, intricately graphic'd belts using custom-made, hulking industrial machines and a top-secret image-to-leather application process so guarded, that even reading about it will...they're at your door right now. Cut from top-grain leather and proportioned for work or play, new designs are constantly being introduced, with existing belts ranging from moderately flashy pieces, like blue and red polka dots, and tessellated Koi waves; to full scenic depictions, like "Showdown", with a red-brown mountain range and two silhouetted pistoleers, and "Zombie", with undead brain-eaters wreaking havoc on an Old West Town -- to ace that Sci Fi Network pilot pitch, just lift up your shirt. Because a man can only flash so much leather, Wye also offers a slew of tees, like "Warhol Homage", with a Charlie's Angels girl pointing a banana, "Richie Rich Skater Kid", with the wheels on Richie's board replaced by butlers and servants, and the just dropped "Pirate Chef", with a skull wearing a chef's hat backed by crossed grilling utensils (so, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of aged mission fig balsamic vinegar!). As your Shar Pei is also partial to zombie fights, many of Wye's belt designs are available as dog collars, because it's no secret that cute dog + flashy conversation piece = no longer tinkering alone.