Mind-blowing sneakers in South Beach

After 40 strong years on Lincoln Road, dating back to the time when a pair of PF Flyers likely cost more than the rent, sneaker staple Mr. R is closing its original location. But rising like a Phoenix from the ashes (even if it's actually selling Wolverine, not Jean Grey, shoes), Mr. has opened 1973, which'll be the sneaker-fiend wing of two new operations, the other being for running-way-too-much-fiends

Ever wonder why you never see any tigers walking around South Beach? Probably because they all wear these Reebok Tiger Camouflage SL Berlin Chukkas

If you're often in a position where you'll lose a chance at millions of dollars if you don't know track #3 on Dookie, these Green Day Converse are for you

The Nike Flyknits are the product of this year’s Nike Innovation Summit, and contain zero stitching, which is impressive

These leopard-print babies are known as the Adidas Lite AMR Trophy Hunters. It's unclear if they can hunt things other than trophies

Reebok mercifully resisted the temptation to call these “Basquiat-ball” shoes, since they put the late painter Jean-Michel's work on a classic hoops silhouette

Unless grappling hooks were permitted, Superman would definitely kick the crap out of Batman in one-on-one

The greatest dunker to ever play for Panathinaikos of the Greek League gets his classic shoe revived with the Dominique Wilkins Pump

This Nike Air Max Hyperposite, much like Gabrielle Union, is the same model favored by a large portion of the NBA

In the past, designer Jeremy Scott has attached teddy bears and gorillas to Adidas shoes. This time he attached basically all of those teddy bears' horribly dismembered friends

And then some more friends

You can look, but you can't buy, unless you offer them infinity-plus-one dollars: Shaq’s original size 22 Reebok from his rookie year with the Magic

The Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy is actually not a leftover prop from Space Jam, but a special shoe released in conjunction with the 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando. Man, good things used to happen in Orlando

Nike pays tribute to the NCAA’s “unofficial” hiring of Nevin Shapiro’s lawyer with this line of “unofficial” shoes in different school colors

These Wolverine-themed Reebok Pump Furies must be adamantium-proof. And really hate Cyclops.

Rip-your-heart-out like a grenade, sneak
Leopard-print sneak
Batman and Superman sneaks
Bright yellow, futuristic, Wolverine sneak