Cuts, shaves, and pure evil grooming products

Published On 04/04/2013 Published On 04/04/2013
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1. Barber of Hell's Bottom 818 Rhode Island Ave, Washington, DC 20001

Fun Fact: back in the day, the part of Shaw where this barber shop is located was called Hell's Bottom, and it was pretty rough. Fun Fact #2: back then, they would've held a razor to your neck and taken your money, but would not have groomed you in any way. But that won't happen at this shop, where the straight-razor-shaving, scissor-snipping crew formerly worked at trendy cuttery Immortal Beloved, and wouldn't dare spill a drop of blood on their Spanish mosaic tiles or an early-20th-century barber chair that was purchased from an old-school NY shop and which was said to once have cushioned the butts of the Rat Pack. Allied: After your haircut, don’t settle for a lollipop -- get to Number Nine at 1301 Rhode Island Ave NW and pick up some Smith & Forge, the hard cider that's built strong -- built from Apples and built to Refresh.