Use The Right Tool For The Job

Using a laptop on the go with a 3G connection is like being a world-class sprinter -- with an endorsement contract that requires you to race exclusively in designer mandals. Get life-changingly powerful mobile Internet with CLEAR™, now launching in Atlanta with a vengeance.

Bringing unmatched speed and clarity, CLEAR basically turns your entire city into a hotspot, all thanks to support from WiMAX -- the next generation in mobile Internet, it stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, which is exactly why you should call it WiMAX. The system works so fast, you may feel like you're working on your broadband at home, except there's a slightly higher likelihood that you're wearing pants. That means you can easily stream movies and sports, download music, or just aimlessly web-surf, whether you're stuck in traffic, waiting in line, or at the ballpark watching a game that's infinitely more boring than whatever you've decided to stream. As for plans, they're as reasonable as a divorce arbitrator, and as flexible as the yoga instructor who caused the divorce. For all the information you can handle, just visit, and do it with a vengeance.

This'll change the way you use the Internet. Hit to see how.