Balla Tingle Powder

You wouldn't use Gojo soap on your baby-soft grill, so why would you dust your junk with old-man inner-thigh powder? Get the right tool for your tool, with Balla Tingle

After bursting onto the scene in '05 with a nut-specific drying powder formulated for guys optimistically certain that everyone wants to go down on them, Balla has added some kick to the formula with its just-released "Tingle" powder. Just tap some into your hand and apply to the target area; Balla recommends "going a little light" initially, as an overload can be like shuffling across a super-shag carpet, then getting auto-amorous. The company's also replaced the original's inexplicably named "Desert Nomad" scent with a subtle mint, perfect for...after dinner

For those fearful of overstimulation, Balla still also offers their "Original", plus "Fragrance-Free" powders; while they won't put the same zow in your pants, they'll both keep you dry and presentable as you pick up shuffleboard groupies in your '83 DeVille.