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For those times when you'd rather let someone other than Papa Gino order dinner for you, L'Espalier alum Alex Crabb's taken the Back Bay's former 47 Pizza+Pasta and morphed it into a rustic 41-seater that serves a "be cool because this is what you're going to get" three-, five-, and eight-course tasting menu accompanied by an optional wine pairing.

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Asta flies just under the radar, which makes it the perfect place for a clandestine rendezvous. Chef Alex Crabb just kills it year after year with high-concept fare in a congenial, Scandinavian-style space. It offers just a single tasting menu, which is perfect for a stress-free night out: you simply sit back and wait to see what wonder Crabb will come up with next. And the space is so unlike any other in town that you’ll genuinely feel like you slipped out of the country for a night.

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