Shinnick's Pub


Solidifying Bridgeport’s reputation as the city’s epicenter of booze and politics, this no-frills local pub's (formerly smoke-filled) back room has reportedly hosted enough shady political deals that the bar is also known as "Little City Hall". It's also believed to have been constructed for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exhibition.

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While everyone in Beverly might flock to Cork & Kerry on St. Paddy’s, this friendly neighborhood dive’s laid-back digs present a tamer option—and also happens to be one of the oldest bars in the city. It went down in history as “Little City Hall” thanks to all the shady political deals that went down in the smoke-filled back room, and today, you can ask one of the remaining members of the Shinnick family manning the vintage Brunswick bar all about it. The pub sits a mere couple blocks from Guaranteed Rate Field, information which should come in handy later this spring (God willing).
How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating.

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