Draft Picks


Where McKinney Ave West Ends lies this sports paradise, with two dozen screens (including a 220-incher), a turf-lined bar, and great-while-inebriated arcades like Street Basketball. Edibles range from kaiser-rolled bison burgers blended w/ egg, horseradish, garlic & Worcestershire, to catfish po' boys; or skip "food" and dive into 25 taps, 38 artisanal beers, and whiskey-laden cocktails like the Canadian 12yr "OMFG Mary", "Dr. Stag" (Red Stag + Dr. Pepper!), and the Glenmorangie, Grand Marnier, apricot liqueur'd "Jam 'n Ginger", clearly named for that Gilligan's Island episode where the Globetrotters showed up and everything went coconuts.