My Dad's Bar Detroit
Jeff Waraniak

My Dad's Bar

Dive Bar
My Dad's Bar

14911 Kercheval St (Alter Rd)

Detroit, MI 48215

Drinking at My Dad's Bar feels a little like apprehensively sipping stolen wine coolers in your parent's basement -- but the drinks here are actually good. Between the mismatched chairs scattered around formica tabletops, the vintage beer signage, and the old-world collection of tabletop lamps, it's hard to ignore feeling like you've schemed your way into having friends over while your folks are on vacation -- but no one is crying or throwing up. This time around, you can classily sip on a Old Fashioned while flipping through jukebox tracks or chatting someone up on one of the plush couches. The beer-and-shot deal is a crowd favorite, musicians perform live in the backyard in the warmer months, and best of all, no one will ground you.