Little A'Le'Inn

Las Vegas

There is literally nothing along this sunburnt stretch of Nevada highway except this extraterrestrial-themed bar and, if you believe most of said bar's patrons, a ton of top-secret evidence at the nearby Area 51 that aliens really do exist. And honestly? They'd better, because aliens are probably the only thing weirder than this collection of corrugated metal-roofed buildings where you can stay the night, shop for little-green-men memorabilia, and yes, get a drink. Go north from Las Vegas on Highway 93 past... well, nothing until you get to Ash Springs. That's where you should probably gas up before you take a left and drive past more nothing until you see the bar appear on the side of the road.

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While the mysteries of AREA 51 are tied heavily into Nevada's identity, there really isn't as much tourism around the secretive government test site as you might think. However, a few have tried—most notably the Little A'Le'Inn: a small bar, restaurant, and motel with a UFO theme that's the largest business in the tiny town of Rachel. It's also the midpoint in a stretch of State Route 375 officially designated the Extraterrestrial Highway. Stop by for an Alien Burger, hot cakes, or a slice of pie before venturing out to "see them aliens" at AREA 51. Actually, you won't get far. Armed security guards make their presence felt long before you reach the gate. Don't test them. You're better off browsing the Little A'Le'Inn gift shop for shot glasses, t-shirts, and other kitschy merchandise. Book a room and spend the night. If you hang around these parts long enough, you might see something strange in the sky.
How to book: Just walk in.

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