The Bazaar by José Andrés

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Los Angeles

The Bazaar by José Andrés delivers a whirlwind series of culinary concepts and fantastically designed spaces, all wrapped into the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills. A duo of wine bars are the opening act: Rojo embodies the traditional with textbook Spanish tapas (Catalan bruschetta, Iberian ham) while Blanca acts as the playful contemporary sister with avant-garde small plates like foie gras cotton candy. The creativity continues on the mixology-forward menu at Bar Centro, where classics are aggressively reimagined with liquid nitrogen and emulsifications (order a dirty martini and it will be topped with olive brine espuma). There’s more still: the bakery branch Patisserie turns its focus to elegant pastries in a fantastical tea house atmosphere, where afternoon high tea is defined by wanton bonbon consumption. Whatever you go for (not that you have to stop at one venue), expect dramatic furnishings and an adult playground experience.