Moose BAWR

Mon10:30 AM - 3:00 AM
Tues10:30 AM - 3:00 AM
Wed10:30 AM - 3:00 AM
Thu10:30 AM - 3:00 AM
Fri10:30 AM - 3:00 AM
Sat10:30 AM - 3:00 AM
Sun10:30 AM - 3:00 AM
Moose BAWR

1817 Ste-Catherine West

Montréal, QC H3H 1M2

You wouldn’t think that you’d need a Canadian-themed bar in the heart of the country, but according to the founders of Moose Bawr, you’d be wrong. This is a fun place to share a pitcher of sangria, grab a pimped-out hot dog, watch the game, or just laugh at the cheeky puns on the sign posted outside. And you don’t even have to be Canadian to get in!