dram brooklyn nyc bar
Gabi Porter


New York


South Williamsburg’s Dram has become a local beacon for mixology-forward cocktails, with sipping menus changing based on the discretion of an experienced stable of bartenders scalped from leading bars. A restrained list of house specialties are unified by their integration of exotic or unexpected ingredients: a ‘Born Toulouse’ combines aged cognac with reposado tequila, Genepy (a European wormwood liqueur) and sweet vermouth stirred with a salt rim. Still, options are unlimited when one simply opts for the bartender’s choice—here, you won’t be led astray. The bar can become crowded during prime drinking hours, it should be known, as the venue has broad appeal: those not intrigued by cocktails (philistines) are sated by some eight mostly-American craft beers on tap, and a Euro-centric wine list. Surrounded by so much wood-panelling in the sleek and modestly sized bar, you might feel like you’re in a booze barrel yourself, and that’s okay.

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