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135 Graham Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11206

There’s no sign announcing Featherweight in Bushwick/East Williamsburg—just a towering mural of a tired boxer collapsing onto his punching bag. Once you enter the “secret” cocktail cave, a discreet offshoot of neighboring Sweet Science, you’ll be glad you’re in-the-know. The intimate-yet-stylishly-dingy space, all distressed tin and vague tiki touches, takes cocktailery seriously with a considered menu featuring strong sips like Witch’s Brew (jujube-infused gin, lemon, Gran Classico Bitter) and icy, imaginative ones like the Scalloway (scotch, rum, orgeat, pineapple, lime bitters) in a bamboo-shaped glass brimming with crushed ice. Lightweights be warned: Featherweight is not for you.