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The NoMad Restaurant

New York
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New York
Nov 16, 2020

30 Quintessential NYC Foods and Dining Experiences

The dish: Truffles
Around 2010, purveyors started supplying some of the most culinarily forward and upscale spots in the city with this prized and expensive fungus that had been imported from Europe. This would eventually start a movement in NYC restaurants, where adding truffle shavings to any food became the ultimate flex that embodied splurging. Nowadays, clocking truffles on a menu isn’t much of a big deal, but that doesn’t take away from how delicious they are. Through wonderful aromatics and earthy flavors with tons of umami, truffles elevate all it comes in contact with. At The NoMad Restaurant inside The NoMad Hotel, guests have the option to add white truffles to any of their dishes, and it’s included over risotto or tagliatelle, both of which are served with butter and parmesan. In addition, the signature NoMad Chicken Dinner includes chicken with black truffle and foie gras stuffing, if you’re looking to go extra hard.

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