Cutty's Brookline Village roast beef sandwich
Erwin Chuk/Thrillist


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Cutty’s is the patron saint of sandwiches. If you're stopping into the Brookline Village shop for breakfast, you have inventive options at your fingertips like a Thai sausage sandwich and an eggs-Benedict-wich, but Cutty’s Egg Sandwich is always a solid choice, composed of eggs whipped with butter, sharp cheddar cheese, and either spicy Sriracha aioli, truffle ketchup, or red-eye mayo on Iggy’s black pepper brioche. For lunch, Cutty's Roast Beef 1000 is the must-order, piled high with house-roasted meat, crispy shallots, and sharp cheddar drizzled with Thousand Island dressing on brioche. Even noted car-driver Guy Fieri approves of the sandwiches here. Whether that makes you want to visit more or less is your prerogative.