Jade Garden

Chinese Restaurant

Opened in the old Big Fish by three area friends/restaurateurs with a combined eight eateries between them, JG dubs itself a "Seafood Restaurant" but serves up a wide array of Cantonese favorites in a crisp, 96-seat, two-room space that boasts white t

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After a long night of partying in the Theater District, it’s not unusual to come down with a serious case of the drunchies—a problem to which Jade Garden is the perfect antidote.

“This is my go-to late night spot,” says Moy. “Jade Garden produces some really good food. They have what they call a prime rib plate, which is prime rib sauteed with black bean and tomato or prime rib with string bean and oyster sauce. I’ve been guilty of ordering both sometimes, I can’t decide which one I like better.”

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