Elizabeth Chicago
Courtesy of Elizabeth Restaurant



Elizabeth is an unmarked Lincoln Square storefront from forager/hunter/chef Iliana Regan, whose Midwestern farm upbringing is clear throughout her restaurant -- menu and décor alike. While the taxidermy on the walls may be fake, the soul behind her self-labeled “new gatherer” cuisine is real. The focus of her tasting menus is produce with a cameo or two by local proteins, depending on the season. The menus change often but are consistently chock-full of format-flipping dishes and unexpected flavor and texture combinations, like an amaranth-everything bagel cracker with cream cheese espuma, candied Meyer lemon rind, salmon granita, and trout roe (so, like, a bagel and lox… granita). And an open kitchen allows you to watch Regan create her wild, quirky dishes from spot at the communal table.