Gene's Sausage Shop And Delicatessen


Gene's is pouring the experience honed from their own 37-year-old family-run biz into their new-to-them two-story temple of cased meats (walls of exposed steel, wood, and stone, gigantic chandeliers, and the Meyer's neon sign above the deli), where the goods are whipped up by Euro-trained sausage makers and smoked on the premises, a past time that also got you kicked off the high school lacrosse team. The Liverbest Sandwich has a thick slab of creamy liverwurst with sliced pickles on a pretzel roll, so it's prepped for you to slather on one of the assorted mustards and wash it all down with a Pilsner. Plus, Gene's rooftop beer and wine garden is undoubtedly one of the best summer drinking spots in the city.