Motz's Burgers, Detroit

Motz Burgers

Burger Joint

Motz’s is an American short-order joint that can only be described as a burger-slinging shack in the middle of nowhere. Motz’s is the home of the original Detroit slider, and almost exclusively serves sliders, specialty burgers (beef, salmon, veggie, and grilled chicken), and sides like chili cheese fries, onion rings, and jalapeño poppers. It keeps its impressively long, greasy history alive with fresh patties cooked to order on a griddle just behind the stainless steel diner counter. Sitting upon our retro, chrome diner thrones we sunk our teeth into the double cheeseburger slider cooked medium for optimal tenderness making every mouth-filling bite alive with the combinations of salty beef, gooey cheddar, and soft, sweet onions along with the crunch of fresh fixings. Pro tip: Motz's is cash only, so hit the ATM first.

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