Sweet Home Cafe

Chinese Restaurant

Sweet Home Café embraces a thousand-year-old old food trend: Asian hot pots. Sweet Home’s kitchen brews up 14 different broths. You’ll choose a duo of broths, which you’ll fill with meat ranging from finely marbled beef to pink pork and thin white-meat chicken. You’ll wander to the supermarket-style refrigerators housing plates of prepared ingredients (think sliced tofu, fish, and seafood) before you choose from the 15 house-made sauces to thicken, spice up, sweeten, or dilute your stew. The fun begins when you plunge your fix-ins deep in the layers of broth and have to do a deep-dive search for them, giggling with your crew when your third shrimp of the night has gone missing. When all is said and done, your stomach will be full and -- thanks to reasonable prices -- so will your wallet.

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