The Pig and the Lady

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The Pig and the Lady

83 N King St

Honolulu, HI 96817

This Vietnamese eatery in Chinatown is a family affair, owned and operated by the Les, whose family recipes serve as the foundation of the menu. The convivial nature of the restaurant (you’ll always feel like on of the Les) is mirrored in the decadence and flavor of its dishes. Friends convene around primal dinners, usually centered on a pig’s head or gigantic pork shank, each of which is ushered into the dining room with a degree of pomp and circumstance. The less ambitious (though not much less) opt for Laotian fried chicken with twice-fried chicken wings, money sauce, fried shallots, kaffir lime, and peanut slaw or pho au vin with spices, scallions, and chicken pate. Either way, one thing’s certain: a meal at The Pig and the Lady will leave you feeling warm on the inside and out.