Fluff Bake Bar


Pastry Chef Rebecca Masson, affectionately known as the Sugar Fairy, presides over Fluff Bake Bar, a fairyland of sugary indulgences embraced as much by adults as children. Display cases are filled with Fluffernutters (peanut butter-oatmeal cookies sandwiched with peanut buttercream and marshmallow fluff), Star Crossed Lovers (rise krispie treats with salted caramel that are dipped in chocolate), and Couch Potatoes (potato chips, pretzels, cornflakes, marshmallows, and chocolate chips, all in a cookie). The commitment to whimsical sweets continues Fluff Bake Bar’s Cup|Cakes: a riff on the traditionally frosted, cakey, wrapped confections that preserves the dignity of cake by compressing a slice into a tiny cup.