Lankford Grocery & Market
Lankford Grocery & Market | Flickr/Jimmy Emerson, DVM
Lankford Grocery & Market | Flickr/Jimmy Emerson, DVM

Lankford's Grocery & Market

Burger Joint
Mon7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Jun 24, 2021

The 16 Best Burger Joints in Houston

Looking to sabotage that summer bod you’ve been working on? Simply snag one of the insanely bad-for-you but oh-so-worth-it beef joints from this wonderfully greasy lunch-only spot. Lankford opened as a grocery in 1939, and it’s been building a dedicated army of burger enthusiasts since the ‘70s. Fans of fiery infernos should opt for the scorching Firehouse Burger, which gets its mouth-numbing heat thanks to cayenne butter, jalapeños, and habanero sauce. Other varieties include a pimento cheese burger, an old-fashioned Patty Melt, and the over-the-top Grim Burger, oozing with mac and cheese and a sunny egg.

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