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The atmosphere is cozy and intimate here, with just 50 seats and plenty of plush red furniture. Browse through the “his and hers” menus while sitting underneath the rose-budded glass ceiling that has been a staple of the restaurant for more than 20 years.

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Already a throwback when it first opened on the Strip at the Barbary Coast (now the Cromwell) in 1982, Michael's was inspired by the classic gourmet rooms of the 1950s. Just 15 tables for 50 customers at any given time. It once attracted high-rollers, but is more locals-oriented in its current home at the South Point casino. Little else has changed. The room sports deep red velvet decor, elaborate overhead glass artwork, and unusually attentive service by a team led by a tuxedoed captain. Dinner is meant to unfold slowly over a long evening with tableside preparations and charcoal-broiled steaks.

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