Ayara Thai Cuisine

Los Angeles

Tradition is at the forefront of Ayara Thai Cuisine, the intimate, family-run restaurant in Westchester. Founded by a husband-wife team of expats who learned to cook in their mothers’ and grandmothers’ kitchens in Thailand, Ayara’s authentic menu is full of family recipes, from-scratch dishes, homegrown herbs and spices, and soul. Regional dishes shine, like rich and creamy curries, flavor-forward broths for tom yum and other soups, and spicy proteins fly off the wok. While pad thai is typically pegged as an Americanized dish and not reflective of tradition, the noodle and peanut plate at Ayara is listed as “The Origina Pad Thai,” and is an unadulterated version, an homage to the way the dish is supposed to be served.