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1111 Lincoln Rd (at Lenox Ave)

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Perched atop the penthouse level of 1111, Juvia offers eclectic small plates, panoramic South-Beach views, and an enormous, vertical garden. Serving a trifecta of French, Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, the rooftop spot is known for its array of creative dishes and craft cocktails. The menu features everything from lobster-avocado ceviche and truffle oil-coated salmon nash, to larger entrees like milk-fed pork confit and sushi grade tuna steak. Patrons sit on an array of purple couches and white wicker chairs, hundreds of feet from the city below, while sipping on house cocktails like the vodka-sake-vanilla concoction Juvia calls "Perfect Yuzu." For chilly nights, the ultra-modern eatery is equipped with a glass-encased indoor space, where guests are welcome to enjoy (sheltered) food and drink without sacrificing the 360 degree Miami views.