Courtesy of John Buchel/Blue's Egg

Blue's Egg


No matter what time of day you visit Blue’s Egg (well, it’s only open afternoons), there’s going to be a wait. An acronym for breakfast, lunch, in an urban environment and everyone’s good graces, Blue’s Egg offers Milwaukee diners glimpses of European breakfast or lunch menus with dishes like creamy polenta with poached eggs, roasted mushrooms, braised kale, and fonduta cheese, the Dubliner Benedict with corned beef, creamy leeks, rye toast, and paprika aioli, and a Hoppel Poppel, consisting of scrambled eggs, cream, sausage, bacon, caramelized onion, shredded potatoes, spinach, hollandaise, and toast. Fill your daytime meal cravings and put all of your eggs in Blue’s basket.