Le Bec-Fin 2.0

Le Bec-Fin 2.0

1523 Walnut St

Philadelphia, PA 19102

Well, this seems important: lauded Franco fare-ery Le Bec-Fin is back, and this time under the watchful eye of (yawn) three French Laundry vets, now seating 66 in a completely renovated, still-straight-from-Versailles dining room that'll return the Philly fine dining landmark to its jacket/tie/pants roots. What's more, the new chef'll serve up a prix-fixe eight-courser that'll set you back 30 footlongs, but you won't care b/c you'll be eating dry-aged rib eye w/ morels & red wine croutons, and seared foie gras w/ wild strawberries.