The House Brasserie

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The House Brasserie

6936 E Main St

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Chef Matt Carter cooks up eclectic, modern cuisine at The House Brasserie, set in a fairytale 1939 Scottsdale cottage that pairs an outdoor patio lit by strings of lanterns with an interior dining room plastered with deeply colored damask wallpaper and weathered mirrors. The menu is a mélange of Argentinian grilled seafood, American steaks, and Asian vegetables, arranged into dishes like the baked St. Andre cheese board with basil, peanut, and cumquat, crispy pork rillettes with arugula, mustard vin, bleu cheese, and radish, and swordfish with shishito fennel sofrito, chorizo verde, cicerchia, and black rouille. We suggest visiting The House Brasserie with a special someone who shares the same adventurous palate you do.