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2121 6th Ave

Seattle, WA 98121

As the sole purveyors of the sake slushy, this local Seattle eatery is serving a creative roster of original Asian-inspired dishes. The space, itself, is clean and simple, with long communal teakwood tables, ornate iron-wrought dividers, and a clamoring open kitchen. The food, on the other hand, is complex and multilayered, with dishes like caramelized coconut beef, sweet-soy-chicken katsu omelettes, and perhaps most importantly, the spot's famous chicken wings -- tossed in Serrano chili, toasted garlic, and caramel, and fried twice for maximum crisp. To complete your sticky poultry feast, the beverage list (in addition to the sake slushies), offers a series of inventive house cocktails, a full catalog of beers on tap, and 10 separate varieties of Japanese whiskey.