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Angelenos may complain that the Bay Area doesn’t have good Korean food, but 10 Butchers would be the Korean BBQ showcase diamond around these parts. The 10 types of farm-to-table Wagyu beef available at each meal is what draws SF and East Bay folks south to Sunnyvale. The beautifully marbled beef provides a delightful visual experience upon arriving raw at each table. It’s like being presented with works of art in the form of expertly cut rectangles of Wagyu flaps or thinly sliced and perfectly rolled pieces of Wagyu brisket. There are also stews and soups, like kimchi jjigae and the cold myung naeng myun. Check out the abundant to-go packages if you want to feast at home, all of which come with seven types of banchan and doenjang jjigae (fermented soy bean paste stew with Wagyu beef, and tofu).
How to order: Walk in, make reservations, or order the to-go special online.

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